How we got here

Virtue was started as a result of seeing a need for better ideas. Ideas that could propel businesses big and small to the forefront of the global market. With so many things changing in the industry, we set out to be the do-ers and the change-markets of digital marketing.

"Curiosity is the super power, it will keep you forever young. So keep learning, listening and sharing; do everything for a reason and deliver the meaningful work that makes clients and us happy."

Cherry Xu
Co-founder + Director

"In digital marketing, everything changes at light speed. Being innovative and creative is our culture as well as the mission that we want to inspire others."

Amanda Wu
Co-founder, CEO

Our People

We're a bunch of creative misfits committed to crafting great ideas. We're passionate about helping brands we believe in reach new heights. We have a firm belief that good products deserve to succeed. That's why we approach each challenge with a new perspective - our team loves solving problems and has a great time doing it. We aim to be the bridge between the east and west by connecting the best brands to new audiences.

Virtue Media Team Virtue Media Team Virtue Media Team

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